Morsels of Humanity

plural noun: morsels
  1. a small piece or amount of food; a mouthful.
    “Julie pushed a last morsel of toast into her mouth”
    synonyms: mouthful, bite, nibble, bit, soupçon, taste, spoonful, forkful, sliver, drop, dollop, spot, gobbet, tidbit

    “we sampled morsels of their splendid desserts”
    • a small piece or amount.
      “reporters do their best to ferret out every morsel of information”
    noun: humanity; plural noun: humanities
    1. the human race; human beings collectively.
      “appalling crimes against humanity”
      synonyms: humankind, mankind, man, people, human beings, humans, the human race, mortals;

      Homo sapiens
      “Africa is home to one-sixth of humanity”
      • the fact or condition of being human; human nature.
        “music is the universal language with which we can express our common humanity”
        synonyms: human nature, humanness, mortality

        “the humanity of Christ”
    2. humaneness; benevolence.
      “he praised them for their standards of humanity, care, and dignity”