A Bridge across generations…

” No, you did that!!”, Aru screamed at the top of his voice.
” I didn’t do it!!,”Vaahin retorted with the same tone.
” Daddy, they are doing it again!!”Neelabh came running in the hall with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes, finally happy to see some action in the otherwise  dull day.
It was a cold evening outside but inside my house was full of warmth and happy moments. I could hear kids laughter, teasing, giggling, friendly fighting, happy chatter of our wives, festive music in the background!!

It was a lazy,relaxed evening… While me and my cousin were totally sprawled over the full length of sofa trying to watch the last match between Patriots and Chicago bear. Same time our wives were trying a new recipe in the kitchen, totally declining our request to make some pakoras and tea to go with the rainy evening.

” It’s dinner time!!”… Everybody came rushing in as the aroma of herbs and spices filled the house.I looked at dinner table, all of us sitting there and enjoying a wonderful meal under one roof. What a wonderful feeling it was!! ” I am so glad that you finally decided to visit us!!” I told my cousin and his wife.
“Me too!!” He replied with the same happiness in his voice while his wife gave a warm smile.
“Do you know today while talking to my dad I suddenly realized that we are the fifth generation of cousins who are maintaining this bond of closeness!!”
“Really, that’s amazing!!” My cousin replied enthusiastically.
” Do you think our kids will keep up this bond like our forefathers did and now we are trying to keep up this?” That was my wife.
” See…..cousins are your first crazy friends, nobody understands us the way our cousins do. I think when our forefathers maintained the bond they gave us a platform and after that whether we keep up that or not, how we keep up that and to what extent that’s our responsibility. So I feel that our meeting this time was a gift to our children, a gift without any expectation! Just show them the path and you will be surprised to see how their heart will find their own desired path!!”, my cousin’s wife concluded.

With such a heart warming discussion, we all sat happily, proudly looking at our wonderful kids!! Each one of us silently thanking God for every small happiness, because it is these small things which are the core of human life. If you look back in life you will notice that there are very few big events in life but you will find a strong thread of small, small things which binds our life. It is these small things which binds us to each other too, small act of kindness, small act of respect, a small word of praise…..I closed my eyes and felt these small droplets of happiness washed over me like a wave of the sea!!

Next day when they departed after the holidays our hearts were not sad but filled with a hope, a promise….till we meet again to capture these small treasures of life….So long my cousin.. Stay blessed!!


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