10 Nuggets of happiness for 2018

  1. Love yourself – Spend time with “you”. Take 30 minutes out on a daily basis  for  a walk in the park or spend an idle time in the room. You will know the “You” within better.
  2. Volunteer – Make sure you volunteer for one good cause. It can be taking care of stray animals, plant trees, feed the needy, clean your surroundings. Listen to your inner voice
  3. Bucket list – Pick one item from your bucket list and try to complete it. You want to run a marathon, hike a mountain or visit a new country.
  4. Connecting with your family – Pick up the phone, drive, fly do whatever it takes to let your parents and close family members know that you love them and they matter.
  5. Spend time kids – If you do have your own kids, make sure you take time out for them. If you don’t have one, visit or volunteer at church where you meet other kids. You will be surprised to learn the lessons of happiness from them.
  6. Lend a shoulder – Someone you know in family, friends and surrounding who is going through a rough phase. Spend time to learn about their struggles.
  7. Life lessons – Make sure you imbibe a life lesson from a stranger. You will wonder how much this wonderful world has to offer.
  8. Immerse yourself in the world of books – Read a book that talks about a different culture, geography or philosophy for that matter.
  9. Connect with Nature – Get a house plant and treat that as your own family member. The green in the house will nourish your soul.
  10. Melody is Life – Listen to your favorite music often. Let the rhythm of life be guided by the notes of a symphony.

Life is always about giving more. It’s then  the real magic happens.


Nuggets of Happiness

*Image Courtesy – https://aharchaou.com/happiness-only-real-when-shared/

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