The story of a Start-up

Human Beings are a strange species, we thrive in a common world but at the same time strive to differentiate from one another. It is our inner want to do something which can make a positive difference in our lives as well as others. We felt the same need; need to disrupt ongoing, need to create a universe of our own; many plans lead to many rounds of discussions and arguments but without any specific results. So many what, how, when, why’s kept us busy but there was never a definite answer.  When uncertainty became too much we looked upon for answers.

Among all this chaos we forgot the simple fact that any new idea, any positive thought mostly find its origin in something very basic, something very genuine; this realization struck when one fine day we planned a trip to Amish County. It was a beautiful summer day, in high 90’s but nonetheless pleasant one. As we decided to drive back, we sat under a tree admiring the grasslands and bounty of nature that God has blessed Amish County with, a small girl hurriedly crossed the road and came running to us; clutching something in her hand. Our curiosity was satiated by a warm smile along with a pack of freshly baked, homemade cookies. She said “Mr., Would you like to buy  some homemade cookies?” with a question in her eyes and a spark of truth. A look on her face told us, probably she could see future or it was just a sense that she had developed over the years of salesmanship. As it happens, as a consumer I felt stronger. My decision will either light up her face or she will just have to knock few more doors (apparently none in the vast grasslands) to make that sale she has waited for. I followed her question with another – “Can I taste? I will only buy if I like one”, I said.  “Yes Mister”. She jumped her ground as if she was waiting for that question.

Her years of selling experience had taught her that best way to sell to a consumer is to build that trust. She hurriedly reached out to her bag of cookies and pulled out a small packet which was open. It looked as if that open packet was just waiting to fulfill its destiny in that sale. She took small portions and helped all of us to nibble. Just one bite of those cookies was enough for us, the aroma of fresh out of oven, taste of cinnamon with softness of dough convinced us. I said “Would you sell us three packets?”  I saw her eyes filled with sheer joy of satisfaction which comes from a good sale. “Yes Mister” she said and quickly took three packets out of her bag. She thanked us profusely.

We assured her that next time when we are around would love to buy some more from her. At this, I saw her eyes filled with hope which died instantaneously. Her experience had taught her that isn’t going to happen.  She knew that even if I wanted to, it would be impossible for me to find her as she has no shop or a permanent place to sell. The sudden turn of events somehow left its mark on our memories. I wish I could somehow assure her that she has a customer in me so that she can stay happy, confident and motivated. We left Amish County that day but that moment, that thought stayed with me.

As it happens, instinctively I knew that this is going to be the driving factor for the birth of our startup and I was so right!! thus it was just not born that day; it was there in the Universe, waiting to get discovered. The feeling of a satisfied consumer and happiness on merchant’s face that he/she was fair to his customer is immense. None of us knew that what happened during those 5 minutes will one day become a life changing event. None of us knew that definitive moment will define all of us here one day. Same thought of creating a universe where such merchant – consumer relationship thrive became the basis of the start-up. The turn of events in those 5 minutes with a little twinkle in the eyes of a small girl has changed a lot for us and it’s our sincere wish that it brings positive change to lives of many we can touch upon.

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